Recording Session at Sound Pure Studios – Aug 21st

soundpure studios

Sound Pure Studios for Blind Faith ( to be released SOON) recording session!

Sound Pure’s multi-room Recording Studios feature a nearly 1,000 square foot live room sufficient to handle orchestral-sized productions, coupled with a large A-Control Room available for large recording seminars and clinics. The large live room features an immaculate new 7-foot Steinway Grand Piano. Both Control Rooms have Pro Tools HD-3 rigs, with an elaborate outboard collection, centered around a Digidesign D-command (Studio A), or Toft 32-Channel Analog console (Studio B). All studio room acoustics carefully combine beautiful weathered and exposed masonry-brick from the building’s original early 1900’s shell, coupled with carefully placed rough-sawn lumber, and a fabric (faux) ceiling. The rooms feature slat-wall absorption, with diffusive properties, that redirect sound up to the elaborate ceiling bass trapping system (with 36 inches of vertical acoustic insulation/treatment above the faux finished ceiling) creating an acoustically neutral, but very musically appealing sound.

The facility includes lounges, offices, warehouses, 2 kitchens- most rooms are also wired with built-in microphone wall boxes. Even the all-masonry, untreated studio lobby featuring 750 square feet of an outrageously live “wet” sound, and the entryway with near 30ft ceilings are both wired with microphone inputs.

Sound Pure was founded, and is still operated by a small group of professionals who have dedicated their lives to the art of making extraordinary musical recordings, as engineers, producers, musicians, and composers. They share your love and passion for pursuing the finest instruments and amplifiers, and for creating the best recorded and live music possible. Call Sound Pure today toll free 888-528-9703, to discuss any of your needs, and please let them know if there is anything that they could be doing better or differently to better meet your needs. .

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